Brianna Lamar constructs mystic adornments with a modern, dark-edge aesthetic that flatter the form
for men and women looking to craft a style that is personal, elegant and rooted. 

The line is inspired by an alloy of structure and symbolism.  It is simultaneously imbued with meaning and designed to flatter the shape of the body, generating a sexy, sophisticated yet down-to-earth look that embodies an individual’s essence, empowering the wearer to craft a distinctive style that feels natural and looks seamless.
into the woods reflection mens jewelry

Driven by the ethos of slowcrafted, each concept is developed and executed with a
commitment to quality craftsmanship and elevated design.

The studio is located in Ojai, California and all adornments are designed, hand-carved, cast and assembled in the USA.
 All chains and toggle clasps are sourced from the USA.
Metals used include sterling silver, 24k gold, bronze and niobium.
Packaging is made of 100% recycled kraft paper and all natural black sheep's wool, made in the USA.

Create fashion-forward style with a timeless essence
through conscious craftsmanship and intuitive design
exploring the elegance of form and the power of symbolism.


bohemian - rock - street - poetic - haute - edge - industrial - alchemy - dreamtime - alternative - modern - mystic - minimal - lucidus - lunaris

  The Darklight

My brand ethos and aesthetic is informed by a personal concept I refer to as “The Darklight”.  It represents twilight, the dreamtime, the theta state, the cross-section of the real and the surreal.  It is where the dark and the light dance together to weave a mystical, poetic and lucid dreaming.


: Brianna Lamar is a proud member of the NJAL Designer Directory :
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:About the Designer:
Brianna Lamar is an artist & designer from Ojai, California working in fine art, jewelry & textile surface design.  She holds a degree in Fashion Design from the Fashion Institute of Technology in NYC where she spent one year abroad studying at Polimoda in Florence, Italy.  She works from intuition, inspired by Nature and the inner dimensions of Dreamtime.   Sometimes playful, sometimes seductive, always mystical, her style is lush and feminine, suffused with a dark edge, yet informed by a masculine sense of minimalism. 
To see a portfolio of her artwork visit:
brianna lamar in ojai art and design gallery 2016
Photos 1& 3  taken by Mariana Schulze
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