Unite Thy Self Talisman


: The Talisman Collection :

Each Talisman posesses it's own signature symbolism.  This collection has been carved by hand and designed by intuition, to create something that echoes of the past yet emanates into the future....reminiscent of a treasure uncovered from an ancient archaeological site....and who knows, some hundreds or thousands of years from now it may become just that.


The Power of Transformation through Unification is expressed through this talisman featuring a snake whose fragmented parts are being unified into wholeness through the electric energy of light. 

The snake is a powerful totem of transformation and regeneration, encompassing both masculine and feminine qualities. 

If you desire to shed the skin of your past fragmented self, you must activate the power of your will to funnel the divine light energy needed to integrate and connect, to heal and resolve, to communicate and connect, and most importantly let the past stories, traumas, beliefs, attachments and unconscious identifications...go.  gone. dead. over. done. 

What is left is Wisdom.  Strength.  Self-Awareness.  Acceptance.  Clarity.  Flexibility.  Peace.  Freedom.  True Power.  Love.  And perhaps, Laughter :)

This journey is not quick, nor is it easy.  Wear this talisman to reconnect with your divine source, remember your strength and trust in the purpose of this wild unknown journey to conscious living and liberation.


Relief carved snake with lightning bolt and words "UNITE THY SELF" engraved into the back with logo.

Size: 3/4" x 1 3/8" : 2 cm x 3.5 cm

Sterling Silver


Each piece is handmade and unique.

Made in the USA

Design © Brianna Lamar


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