Wild Heart Talisman


: The Talisman Collection :

Each Talisman posesses it's own signature symbolism.  This collection has been carved by hand and designed by intuition, to create something that echoes of the past yet emanates into the future....reminiscent of a treasure uncovered from an ancient archaeological site....and who knows, some hundreds or thousands of years from now it may become just that.


Deep within the feminine essence there is a wild spirit with a fierce heart longing to break free; to unleash it's radiance like a flaming star, to surrender it's control to the forces of the wind, to be cast into the rain and taken by the storm, to be enveloped by the moonlight and dancing, naked, in the night, kissing roses and drinking dew, howling, breathing, laughing, singing......dreaming her own dream, and loving like a warrior the beauty of her own being and the sacred reflections of everything.

This talisman features a feather as a symbol of femininity and freedom engraved upon the smooth face of a narrow rectangular silver pendant carved for the Wild at Heart.



A feather is engraved upon the face and the word "WILD" plus a heart is engraved into the back.

Size: 3/8" x 1 7/16" : .9 xm x 3.6 cm

Sterling Silver


Each piece is handmade and unique.

Made in the USA

Design © Brianna Lamar

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